We charge a flat fee for new construction specification based on square footage under cover.

New Construction Specification

Finding the right builder is critical, and there are many quality custom home builders in Houston and Austin that do a fantastic job. However, as you probably know, the construction process comes with its own set of challenges that can be quite stressful, even when you have the right builder.

Builders are great craftsmen, but most are not experts at creating an integrated design plan that incorporates the floor plan with the style, textiles, hard surfaces and day-to-day function of each space in mind. I understand how these elements work together and contribute to making a home truly “custom.”

I create and provide a Design Specification Binder that details all material selections, layouts and installation details for each space in your custom home. I will meet with you and your builder to discuss the selections and I will be at the important walk-through meetings during the building process including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, tile and final. I will guide you through the hundreds of decisions you need to make as your custom home is being built and take the mystery out of the whole process.

Some of the many ways we help our clients who are building a custom home include:

• Architectural Plan Review
• Design Concept Development
• Budget Review
• Selections Meetings
• Builder Walk-Through Meetings
• Homeowner Advocacy
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