Designer-Led Remodeling

Earlier in my career I would become so frustrated when I would design beautiful spaces and then clients would hire contractors who would not follow the design plans and the spaces would fall short of what was intended. I decided the only way to solve the problem was to lead the remodels myself.

Now, with over a decade of experience in remodeling homes, predicting and managing the challenges of construction projects has become an integral part of my job. I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with a team of contractors whom I know and trust.

My projects include kitchen and bath remodels, room additions, and complete renovations. I like to manage the entire process, from tear-out to completion, to ensure continuity between design, construction and the final space.

Here's what you can expect:

Step 1: Initial On-site MeetinG

Meeting on-site is important to help brainstorm and visualize. In this initial step, we’ll discuss your vision, budget, and time frame, and present some ideas of how we can best transform the space. If your project requires moving walls or completely renovating an area, I will request that our structural engineer come back for a second meeting to consider any structural limitations before we begin the drawing and red-lining process.

Step 2: Drawings

Bird’s-eye CAD drawings are created and revised until the layout fits your unique goals. Then elevation CAD drawings are created of any cabinets, built-ins or other custom creations for approval.

Step 3: Materials

Once all drawings are finalized, materials are selected. Materials may include plumbing fixtures, lighting, counter tops, tile, flooring, hardware, paint as well as many other custom materials. Through discussions and meetings, materials are finalized.

Step 4: Contractor Meeting

All contractors walk the project with approved drawings and materials. As a team, the contractors take measurements for materials and discuss any concerns each trade has as it pertains to the remodel. If any issues arise, all trades work together to create a solution so the project can move forward as planned.

Step 5: Proposal

You’ll receive a thorough bid that details the scope of work, materials and approximate time frame to complete your project. The project is officially launched upon finalizing the contract.

Step 6: Project Launch

Once the contract is executed and the down payment is received, the team of contractors meet to create a loose calendar to schedule the project. Simultaneously, all materials are ordered and the client is notified if any materials are back-ordered or otherwise unavailable. We work with you to re-select as needed. Permits are acquired, dumpsters delivered, spaces are prepped and hammers start swinging.

Step 7: ProJect Management

I like to personally keep a close eye on the construction process to ensure the plans are being followed as closely as possible. You’ll often find me at your home meeting with my contractors to discuss tile, flooring, countertop and cabinet layout, and all other details. You can expect communication and progress reports on a regular basis.

Step 8: Delivering The Keys

Once the project is complete and the team and I have run through our quality control checklist, we walk through for a final review with you to ensure you are thrilled with our work and ready for official move in.

Ready to get started?